It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian restaurant

It’s Mirchi healthy Indian Restaurant In Brisbane

It’s Mirchi healthy Indian Restaurant Food Takeaway in Brisbane Paddington

It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian™ restaurant is renowned destination in Brisbane for casual and fine dining, plus convenient takeaway food. ‘Healthy’ has never tasted so good!

It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian restaurant


It’s Mirchi is the only Healthy Indian™ restaurant is only restaurant of it’s kind in Brisbane. Catering for a wide variety of dietary requirements including Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Nut Free options. Among their most popular choices are Certified Organic Chicken or Lamb curries and a Gluten Free naan bread unique to It’s Mirchi.

It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian™ Restaurant in Brisbane

It’s Mirchi was originally inspired authentic Indian cuisine restaurant portrays an era where food held an important position among the royals of ruling kingdoms. It now blends rich history and modern dining for unique dining experience.Named after the famed spice “Mirchi” (meaning Chilli), this specialty Indian restaurant aims to showcase ethnic Indian culinary delights at its finest. The restaurant has a warm dining experience specializing in slow cooked delicacies and innovative drinks that you will desire to come back for.

It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian™ Restaurant in Brisbane offers impeccable service and surroundings with relaxed seating of a lounge for an authentic Indian dining experience for the more adventurous among us.’

It’s Mirchi Healthy Indian™ Restaurant in Brisbane offers world-class cuisine right here in Brisbane. Come and experience authentic Indian-style dining at its best!

Australia’s finest female Indian chefs, Urvashi.

Meet your chef…
The saying goes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, then why are there so few female chefs? In India, wives are expected to cook at home, but only the men cook professionally. At It’s Mirchi, we are so proud to have one of Australia’s finest female Indian chefs, Urvashi.

Along with an attention to detail, she attributes her mastery of the cuisine to the authentic Indian recipes passed down to her by her mother. With a Urvashi’s keen interest in healthy eating, it’s no wonder It’s Mirchi is so good for you and so tasty at the same time!

Its Mirchi Healthy indian restaurant is located in 284 Given tce. paddington Brisbane QLD. Paddington provides you with It’s Mirchi authentic indian restaurant, an Indian restaurant that features a thorough takeaway menu including spirits, champagne, wine and beer. You can find special curries from the chef, tandoori entrees, as well as a kids zone.

Its Mirchi authentic Indian restaurant is a place for finest Indian dining, Indian take away and Indian catering services. We provide delivery in suburb around paddington Brisbane QLD.
Top favourites on the menu at It’s Mirchi include Prawns Moilee and Goan Fish Curry. You will be able to indulge in homemade desserts and have everything you need to celebrate a special event or just have a good dinner amongst friends and family. Ordering is simple and food does not get any more authentic.

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